XQMax Fishing Keep Net 45cm XQ MAX 128010290

XQMax Fishing Keep Net 45cm XQ MAX 128010290

  • 45CM DEEP
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For a small, reasonably priced keep-net, this is a good product. The net has a diameter of approx. 35cm, and is about 45cm in length. The mesh is adequately strong, and is effective at holding the fish.

When not is use, this keep-net folds down and is easy to store. I've used it for fishing at ponds - and it does the job. Of course, it's not a 'fantastic' item - and, yes, there are better ones. But for the price, I recommend it.
By S P Mead 10 July 2016
I bought one of these to provide a fly screen around the cured salamis, bacon and hams I air dry outside. It worked brilliantly for this. The fine mesh is 100% effective at keeping out the insects and with the draw string closure, it is so easy to pull it up around the hanging meat and close it off tightly. Probably not the most robust net for keeeping fish in, but a perfect cheap solution for charcuterie.
By S. Ball 3 November 2017
Bought this to protect a Lilly from the attentions of Koi in my pond. With a bit of floating tube through the neck of the net, it now sits around plant pot and floats at surface. Stops Koi getting to the baby leaves. Perfect
By Steve Feary 13 July 2017
Very disappointed with this product. My son will be lucky to keep a goldfish in it. Very small. Teach me to shop around
By Tuney 25 November 2016
Did the job
By Bne Edwards 25 July 2016
Flimsy. Smaller than you think. Fine for toddlers. But not much more than that. Certainly not a keep net! At all.
By Simon Manchipp 5 May 2014
Very flimsy
By Mick in Whitstable,Kent. 29 May 2015
Just what I was looking for. Really happy with the product
By M. melman 11 September 2014