Fjallraven Kanken Backpack 38 x 27 x 13 cm/16 Litre Fjällräven F23510

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack 38 x 27 x 13 cm/16 Litre Fjällräven F23510

  • Durable Vinyl on F fabric
  • Main compartment with large opening with a zip
  • Removable PE foam seat cushion protects the back
  • Reflective front logo
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Product Description

The Kanken backpack is equally suited to journeys to and from school or work, as it is to trekking and travelling. The material is hard-wearing, lightweight Vinyl fabric that is able to withstand dirt and wetness. This spacious main compartment has a large opening with a zip, which makes it easy to pack and unpack. It has two flat side pockets and a zipped pocket on the front, ideal for those bits and bobs that you want to keep close at hand. The included pe-foam seat cushion is stored in the interior back pocket where it prevents the contents of the backpack from poking against your back. The carrying system is simple but practical and consists of handles at the top and slender, adjustable shoulder straps.

I'm not even sure if these are real kanken backpacks. First of all, the colour I ordered was listed as "grey" and it did not look like the picture whatsoever. It had a blue/green tint to it and only the straps were grey. I used this backpack once and the stitching on one of the side pockets completely ripped apart! I had nothing heavier in there besides a light, small umbrella. I really like these backpacks so I will just buy it from the actual website instead.
By Amy Marks 30 July 2017
After using this backpack not very regularly over 4 months I noticed the lining tearing and I could see light through the holes. I contacted the seller, 3 times without any response. After only 4 months this is terrible.
By Nils Semroch 17 May 2017
Ive only had this a few weeks now, it does feel a bit flimsy around the zip and flap but i have carried some heavy shopping and books in it and have had no problems.It is expensive and i was disappointed that students get a discount but im still glad i paid normal price and want more.It does feel like itll last me a few years.A good all rounder bag for children and adults. I do wish the kids version were a lot cheaper though as i plan to get my kids one each.
By Kramer 4 December 2016
Lovely colour. Really handy backpack, use mine all the time. I like that I can fit a bottle of water down the side and don't have to worry about it spilling anywhere. You can fit loads of clothes in if you roll them up, so it's great if you're a student who's always on the train travelling back and fourth.
By Buglass 19 January 2018
Great colour and nice sturdy backpack. I did for some reason think this was the smaller version, but it is just the original size. Fast shipping too.
By Anna Denise Floor 15 April 2017
Expensive. Classic. Worth it. Bought as a present. I want one now myself.
Oh! Forgot to say. Extremely trendy too, all these years later!! Unbelievable choice of colours too.
By Rolfedanmark 7 February 2017
Had this bag for several months now. It is very hood and offers several good size pockets. Just think it is expensive for a bag. If my daughter was not so determined to keep up with others I would not have purchased this bag
By Amazon Customer 16 December 2017
Brought as a gift for partner, I think they are quite expensive for what you actually get but she is in love with it and after a few months of heavy use seems hard wearing. Did lose a bit of colour on a walk whist on holiday.
By Luke Cook 20 August 2017