Yankee Candle 1220923E Car Freshener, Car Jar Ultimate, Vanilla Cupcake

Yankee Candle 1220923E Car Freshener, Car Jar Ultimate, Vanilla Cupcake

  • Authentic, true to life fragrance
  • Official Yankee Candle product
  • The ultimate way to fragrance your car and small spaces for up to 4 weeks
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Style Name:Car Jar Ultimate  |  Colour Name:Vanilla Cupcake

Product Description

The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing. Neutralise odors and freshen the air in vehicles and small spaces, such as gym lockers and pet areas, with the new Car Jar Ultimate. Each Car Jar Ultimate provides up to four weeks of continuous fragrance.

Box Contains

1 x Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate

I’d love to say this was a worthwhile purchase, unfortunately I can’t. The initial scent upon opening the product was very good, alas any aroma associated with these air fresheners lasted less than a week after being placed in my car, before the scent completely disappeared. This product contained three separate air fresheners, two of which I’d given to friends who both report the same poor results. In all honesty save your money.
By Donald P. 11 April 2017
I love these car jars, my car smells lovely. This is the proper car jar not the cardboard type. The lemon lavender is my favourite fragrance, really fresh. Lasts quite a long time.
By jonaswhale 5 October 2016
Great scent from these car fresheners, matches the candles. My car was quite foosty smelling when I got it and even after a clean out and a full valet it didn't smell great. I bought these and initially tried one, which worked ok. After a couple of days though I didn't notice the scent anymore. I put the rest of them in the car and ended up getting some of the vent fresheners too. All together, I managed to make the car smell good for a while.

I would say that these fresheners may be ok if you have a brand new car with no other smells that you are trying to cover up. However they don't last particularly long. I probably wouldn't buy them again.
By Lynsey 3 July 2018
The smell was very strong and was exactly like the black cherry large Yankee I have. Had a lot of compliments from friends about how nice my car smelled even the kids liked it, only down side is that it didn't even last 2 weeks others I've had have lasted a lot longer.
I'm onto my last one now and will be trying a different scent after this as for the time these ones last they work out to be quite pricey.
By Natalie 24 November 2017
Lovely, fresh smell, great for my new car. But the smell is completely gone after 2 wks, making it expensive. I won't order again
By LoubyLou 1 September 2017
Genuine product, clean fresh scent, easy to attach/remove, looks nice hung in the car. The scent doesn't last much longer than a fortnight, it's still in the card but there is little throw after that time. The upside to this is that the initial fragrance isn't too overpowering. The throw does improve in direct sunlight, or if the 'jar' is lightly batted to make it swing in the air.
By Teasel 15 May 2018
Absolutely love these products! The smell is second to none and it makes the car smell incredible! I have people commenting on how nice the smell is and my girlfriend stole one for her car as-well. I could be happier with the product!

There is no doubt that these are the real deal and they are probably the best air fresheners on the market for the car! Absolutely gorgeous scent that lasts for ages!
By Matthew H 1 February 2018
These have a lovely fragrance that does remind me of sunny days at the seaside but use with caution. They're extremely strong! Snip a small section of the plastic away first to release a smaller amount of the fragrance. I've also hung one in my bathroom where it's working very well.
By Caroline 21 April 2017