Wax Warmer, IEOKE Electric Wax Heater Kit For Hair Removal With Removable Pot, 4 Packs Different Flavor Hard Wax Beans & 20 Pcs Applicator Sticks IEOKE SHOP

Wax Warmer, IEOKE Electric Wax Heater Kit For Hair Removal With Removable Pot, 4 Packs Different Flavor Hard Wax Beans & 20 Pcs Applicator Sticks IEOKE SHOP

  • Set includes--- Hair Removal Machine (500ml), 10 sticks, four packs of different favor hard wax beans.(400g/per pack).There are roses (pink), aloe(green), lavender (purple), hamomile(atropur -pureus).
  • Melt quickly--- just need 15 minutes! After 15 minutes, it will melt completely. Simple and quick operation. Hair removal is no longer limited to beauty centers, salons, you can do it when you are reading ,watching TV at home. Save your time and money.
  • Strongly recommend efficient hair removal machine--- Used for body hair, it is powerful! The wax firmly grip each hair and remove them gently from the root even the fine fluff to give you painless, efficient hair removal experience and restore delicate smooth skin.
  • Easy to operate--- Made of ABS material. Three-leg socket design provides adequate security and have passed the FCC and CE certification. Accurate data of the temperature control dial and light make the operation becomes very simple, movable small jar can protect your skin when you lift it and make it easy to clean.
  • What you get--- A set of hair removal machine, our worry-free 180 days warranty and friendly customer service. If you have any problems or are not satisfied with the product, please contact us and we will solve the problem in the shortest time.
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How To Operate

1.Choose a certain amount of wax beans, put into the wax heater.

2.Set the maximum temperature and heat it about 15 minutes to melt the wax. Then the temperature can be adjusted to the corresponding heating position according to the wax condition.

3.After melt, temperature around 120。F, wax can be use.

Application step

1.The skin should be cleaned before hair removal, and the hair will be easily attached to the wax.

2.Use spatula to apply a thin uniform layer of wax to the area in the direction of the hair growth.

3.Apply the fabric strips onto the wax and pat it gently to make the wax cling to the skin.

4.Tear off the fabric strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

5.Clean the remaining wax with the proper oil after wax .


1.Do not swash wax machine with water directly 

2.Unplug when the machine not in use.

3.The machine must be placed on a flat desktop. 

4.Ensure that the external power supply is consistent with the voltage shown on this machine.

5.Ensure good grounding of power supply.

6.Keep it out of children reach when working.

7.Skin touch aluminium pot is prohibited when heating.

8.Turn off the power before take out the aluminum pot or tin wax , be careful to avoid scalding. 9. No use in the bathroom or very humid environment.

10. If the machine fails or find any abnormal temperature in the use , please immediately unplug the power and find the professional maintenance . No self-disassembly .

Great purchase for myself... I really like it. Good quality and easy to use. Really nice set with 4 different wax beans bag. Recommend
By merita 18 March 2018
Bought this wax warmer as a gift to my girlfriend.She is pleased with the 4 choices of wax and the simple use of the device.It's like having a small cosmetic salon right in your on home.
The price is a bargain comparing with the other wax warmers and it makes a great gift.
I would recommend it !
By Dumitru Vlad Luca 14 March 2018
The wax warmer itself is brilliant, the hard beans wax however...not so much! It hardly removed any hair at all. In fact the hard beans reminded me of candle wax. I have been waxing at home for years but this wax was useless.

I have since tried different brands of wax and I am very happy and get great results.
By tballet 6 April 2018
Price of product was great 13.99, I was happy with delivery. Arrived next day. Easy to use and quality is great.
By Nicola Craig 27 March 2018
Well one happy wife , a heater for the wax that keeps the wax at a constant heat . Seems to heat up quickly and the build quality seems very sturdy .
By Gerard Christiaans 11 March 2018
love it, small compact so easy for home use, works fine
By C. Orchard 7 July 2018
Exellent delivery. Very easy to use. Dont need paper stripes. Great product .
By Dahlia 14 March 2018
Melts wax but the wax beads are rubbish for waxing.
By Tony 3 June 2018